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Pandemic Response: New Refill Packs Now Available

 In response to a global shortage of sanitiser bottle pumps, we have launched a refill pack for our popular 400ml Cutan foaming hand sanitiser bottles, widely used across the healthcare sector and first responders.

This will allow customers with existing Cutan 400ml bottles to re-use the dispensing pumps provided with the product once all sanitiser has been used.

As one of the primary providers of hand sanitiser to the NHS, the current pandemic has seen unprecedented demand for our hand hygiene products and production has increased four-fold at the Derbyshire manufacturing site.

This new refill pack launch will enable continuity of supply to current customers in healthcare environments and beyond. As the pump is able to deliver a number of applications which is multiple times that of one bottle, it can be retained, cleaned and re-used on the replacement refill packs.

In addition to ensuring the availability of high-quality hand sanitiser product at point-of-use, it also reduces wastage of the pumps.



Instructions on how to reuse the existing pumps with the new 400ml hand sanitiser refill packs are as below:

  1. Use existing Cutan foaming hand sanitiser 400ml pump bottle until empty.
  2. Once empty, with clean hands, remove the pump and retain for use with the refill pack.
  3. Prior to reuse, wipe down the exterior of the pump with a clean, damp cloth to remove any physical residue. DO NOT pre-rinse the pump through with water.
  4. Remove the lid of the refill bottle and screw-in the reusable pump.
  5. Press the pump 2-3 times to prime and rinse-through with sanitiser;

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