Healthcare Programme

Helping You Optimise Hand Hygiene Compliance

For you, preventing the spread of infection is a constant daily challenge. We know that, when you are faced with constrained time and resources, you need to be able to optimise compliance and reduce risk wherever possible, to help implement good hand hygiene behaviour.

As well as this, helping the people in your team keep their skin in good condition should be a vital part of your hand hygiene programme – poor skin condition has been shown to have a negative impact on hand hygiene compliance. In a 2020 survey [1] of nurses sponsored by SC Johnson Professional, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) found that 53% of respondents limited or stopped following recommended hand hygiene practices due to concerns that it may aggravate their skin condition.

With your team’s needs in mind, we have developed a new specialist Healthcare Programme, consisting of three elements.

Element 1 - Essential Products

Our Programme is designed to help you provide products that are trusted to work and have been independently tested to high standards. You can be sure that our Programme will be tailored to the requirements of your healthcare setting; whether that is a busy A&E area or an inpatient ward, the right products will be made available when and where you and your staff need it, to help improve hand hygiene compliance and skin care practice.  

Our product range has been developed specifically for healthcare to match three key steps of a hand hygiene programme: washing, sanitising and moisturising. These three key steps help reduce the risk of spread of infection and maintain good skin health. To meet your needs, our Cutan healthcare products are formulated especially for high frequency use environments.

The 3 Step range includes products matched to the needs of your team, including:

  1. Washing – a range of effective foam and lotion hand wash products are available in both perfumed and perfume-free formats suitable for frequent use.
  2. Sanitising – our complete range of sanitisers meet all your needs and include foam, gel and alcohol-free formats. Our Instant foam complete features broad-spectrum activity, instant foam action and a non-drying formula ideal for healthcare settings.
  3. Moisturising – the use of moisturising creams is crucial when it comes to nourishing and conditioning the hands. Our creams help maintain good skin condition and are available for normal right through to sensitive skin types.

To help support you with the implementation of these Essential Products, our dispenser systems are available in wall-mounted, bed end and trolley mount options. This helps you ensure that your staff can use the right product at the right time, helping them do their job quickly and safely. Colour coding means instant visibility - helping your staff identify the product they need. 

Furthermore, Biocote® protected dispenser push buttons are uniquely protected with a silver-based antimicrobial agent. This reduces bacteria and mould on the surface of the button within as little as two hours and achieves up to 99.99% reduction over a 24-hour period.


Element 2 - Support Tools  

We’re here to support you and your team with learning, education, and prompt tools to enhance the implementation of hand hygiene and skin care best practice. When you are faced with limited time and resource, you need solutions tailored to your team’s specific needs. We provide you with a comprehensive range of materials including ward signs, sanitising boards and dispenser surrounds that can be used with patients, visitors and clinical staff to help promote hand hygiene compliance.

To help you to implement this, we also can provide on-site staff training, study day support, compliance material installation as well as the roll out of our unique 6-Stage Compliance Plan.

Element 3- Driving compliance with our 6-Stage Plan

To help you be sure that your teams are practising the best possible hand hygiene, our dedicated compliance team works in partnership with your infection prevention team to establish and implement our Compliance Plan, tailored to your facility’s needs.

The Plan comprises of:

  1. A survey. We review products – location and condition – and accompanying signage to assess current hand hygiene infrastructure.
  2. We benchmark and measure current hand hygiene compliance and skin health to create a baseline for comparison.
  3. Refurbishing. We update your products and signage to improve hand hygiene infrastructure based on data collected.
  4. Training, to help you reinforce product use guidance and technique to deliver best practice.
  5. You will be supported with provision of continuous learning and feedback to promote high standards.
  6. Evaluation. We re-measure hand hygiene compliance and skin condition against the benchmark to establish the outcome and next steps for you.

To learn more about the Compliance Plan site survey and our free resources head here.