It’s safer sealed: The problems with bulk fill dispensers

As a facility manager, we know that you need to be able to provide a clean, hygienic solution for your facility users to help prevent the spread of germs. In this article, we dive into the detail to help you understand why the ‘bulk fill’ dispensers we commonly see and use are often not as hygienic or user-friendly as sealed cartridge alternatives.

What are bulk fill dispensers?

Bulk fill dispensers are simply dispensers with open-top containers of soap, where the cover or lid is opened and the soap is replenished. According to best practice, these systems should be fully emptied and sanitised before refilling with new soap, however this often is not the case. We have found that this likely occurs because bulk fill dispensers can take a fair amount of time and effort to clean and refill.

The issues

One of the most important things to know is that refilling or ‘topping off’ containers of liquid soap has been associated with outbreaks of bacteria.1 This usually happens when dispensers are inadequately cleaned or incorrectly refilled and in turn airborne germs can enter the soap itself and contaminate it, resulting in an increased risk of germs spreading in your facility.

It’s safer sealed

The safer and more efficient alternative to refilling bulk fill dispensers is using sealed cartridge systems, which use ultrasonically airtight refill cartridges for maximum hygiene.

Our sealed cartridges and BioCote® Protected Push Buttons2  work together to create a hygienic soap system, which can help to lower the risk of contamination of germs in the soap that could then be transferred to the users’ hands3.

Not only are these systems more hygienic, they will save your staff time as they are quicker to change, and do not need internal cleaning to be hygienic and safer to use. Our wall mounted dispensers are also secure and lockable, with a measured dose of fresh product dispensed with each push. Cartridges are also designed to collapse, ensuring that all product is used.

Switch to sealed cartridge systems

We have a wide range of manual 1L, 2L and 4L sealed cartridge systems to suit your washroom and facility. We also offer power efficient touch-free dispensing systems for use with our foaming hand hygiene products.

Bespoke dispensers are available, too. Our in-house designers can work with you to create a unique dispenser design that reflects your own brand identity.

Why use bulk dispensers when it’s safer sealed? Head here to find out more about our sealed systems.



[2] Our Dispensers buttons are uniquely protected with BioCote®, a silver-based antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria and molds. Reduces bacteria and mold on the surface of BioCote® treated button within as little as 2 hours and achieves up to 99.99% reduction over a 24-hour period.  BioCote® is the registered trademark of BioCote Limited.