As part of a family company committed to creating a better world, we want to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Our innovative products and programmes are designed to support you to create safe and healthy environments for the people you care for, but in a sustainable way to “Use less. Waste Less. Recycle More.” 

Challenge for organisations

Sustainability is a major challenge for businesses

Many businesses have policies and strategies for being more sustainable. The challenge is making efforts that enable real progress to be made. 
All efforts to be more sustainable are good efforts, no matter how big or small. However, doing everyday things better are easy to action and can accumulate to have a significant impact towards supporting sustainability goals. What’s important is combining the collective impact of these efforts, with a continuous culture of striving to achieve more, to drive real positive change.

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Use less 

Turning off lights, heating and air conditioning, buying more efficient cleaning materials, using hand soaps that require less water during handwashing and sourcing renewable energy; these can all make a positive impact on your everyday energy consumption.

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Waste less

Going paperless, encouraging employees to use reusable bottles and packaging, buying cleaning products that waste less chemicals, water and packaging during use are just some of the many ways you can reduce waste sent to landfill.

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Recycle more

Providing packaging materials that can be readily recycled after use, and the use of recycled materials in packaging to help create circularity. The installing of designated recycling areas with clearly labelled bins, will help promote sustainable workplace habits.

Better business. Better world.

Embracing sustainability can bring many benefits to your business, and help build a better, more sustainable world.

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  • Reduce costs 

    Adopting sustainable practices and products can reduce energy, waste and water usage, and increase your bottom-line.

  • Regulatory compliance 

    Businesses worldwide are subject to more rigorous mandatory Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) regulations.

  • Improve recruitment and retention

    Businesses that prioritise sustainability attract and retain talented employees.

  • Enhance brand reputation & loyalty

    Customers favour organisations that are committed to sustainability.

  • Create a better future 

    Sustainability is a shared responsibility. Integrating sustainability goals into your strategy will drive innovation and help build a more sustainable future. 

  • Reduce risk

    Implementing a sustainability strategy with clear goals can help mitigate negative reputational impact.

Benefits to Your Business
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At SC Johnson Professional, it’s the everyday things that we do.

Our purpose is to help improve how you do those everyday things. Using our specialist skin care and surface cleaning & hygiene products everyday, complemented by our best practice user-focused programmes, combine to support you to use less, waste less and recycle more. Our carefully developed products and dispensing systems, underpinned by our programmes and processes, are designed to enable you to help create safe and healthy environments for the people you care for, but to do so in a sustainable way.

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Organisations like yours and ours have a fundamental responsibility to act as leaders in environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

Together, we can make a difference to achieve our sustainability goals and use less, waste less and recycle more for a better world.

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SC Johnson. A family company, at work for a better world

For more than 130 years, SC Johnson has been guided by the same goal as families everywhere: to make the world a better place for the next generation. 
A world that’s sustainable, transparent and healthy, with more opportunities for all.

Every year since 1937 SC Johnson has donated 5% of its pre-tax profits to charitable organisations, who like us, want to help create a better world.

Being at work for a better world isn't something we are saying, it's something we're doing everyday. To learn more, click here to read the SC Johnson Better World Accountability Report 2023.


Sustainability is part of our DNA 

By partnering with us you can harness our strategic approach to help achieve your sustainability goals.

Grounded in science

Our comprehensive strategy for sustainability is grounded in science which means everything we do is backed by evidence and data, so you can trust what our products and programmes will do for your organisation. Our strategy is particularly focused on reducing the use of plastics and the application of science-based chemistry to continually improve our products by choosing ingredients that better protect human health and the environment.

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Most of our product packaging and dispensers are made from a variety of plastic materials. Across our portfolio, we’re committed to reducing plastic content in our products, using plastic that can be recycled, and increasing our use of recycled plastic.

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We provide high-quality formulas that are effective and live up to our rigorous standards for health and environmental impact. We offer product alternatives across our portfolio, particularly foam products, enabling you to use less and waste less.

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Our main European manufacturing site at Denby, UK uses 100% renewable electrical energy.

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We design products and programmes that can reduce your organisation’s waste, and our own waste. We are committed to making sure that any waste from our manufacturing operations does not enter landfills, and at our Denby site we send zero waste to landfill.

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We believe being transparent about what’s inside our products is essential, allowing you to make a fully informed decision for the people you care for. All the claims we make about our products are supported and validated through science and data.

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We provide custom solutions 

We understand that every organisation is different.

We will work directly with you to support and implement our trusted products and best practice user-focused programmes, backed-up by our comprehensive strategy and manufacturing processes, that meet your specific needs and environment.

Enabling you to create safe and healthy environments and empowering the people you care for to use less, waste less and recycle more.

So you can reach your sustainability goals and help build a better world. 

We have reassurance for what we do

We have gained independent environmental certifications from recognised and trusted organisations for our products and manufacturing processes.

Our main European manufacturing site at Denby, UK is GMP certified, and is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 international standards. The Denby site was also awarded the Gold Medal by Ecovadis, a world leading provider of an evidence-based rating of CSR & Sustainability for companies. The Gold Medal puts the Denby site in the top 5% of over 125,000 companies rated by Ecovadis across more than
175 countries.

Many of our products are Good Environmental Choice (GECA) certified. As a type I ecolabel, the certification is recognised as the most robust and credible form of environmental label as products must meet multiple criteria and lifestyle considerations. Products with the GECA ecolabel have been independently assessed to meet a wide range of environmental, human health and social impact criteria, while also ensuring that it performs as promised. For more information, visit

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1. Our Denby, UK facility is certified Gold by Ecovadis. Ecovadis is a world leading provider of an evidence-based rating of CSR & Sustainability for companies. The rating covers environmental, social and ethical factors.
2. This product complies with Personal Care Products standard (PCPv4.1i-2013), GECA Standard which can be read at GECA’s Ecolabel trade mark indicates the environmental performance of a product has been certified from multi-criteria perspective. Products that carry the trade mark are certified environmentally preferable by GECA.


Throughout the whole journey of SC Johnson Professional® product solutions there are many proof-points to support using less, wasting less and recycling more.

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Together, we can all use less, waste less and recycle more

We are working towards a better world and we want to support you on your journey too. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can support you to use less, waste less and recycle more.

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