First Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Approved to Make Virucidal Claims by Health Canada

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BRANTFORD, ON – May 30, 2023 – SC Johnson Professional®, a total solutions provider for industrial, institutional and healthcare users, offers the first alcohol hand sanitizer approved by Health Canada to make virucidal claims under the 2019 Human-Use Antiseptic Drug (HUAD) guidance.


In order to make virucidal claims, SC Johnson Professional’s products have undergone extensive testing as prescribed by Health Canada. SC Johnson Professional is the first company to offer an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with virucidal claims, giving customers confidence in the efficacy of the company’s products.


SC Johnson Professional’s Microsan Encore® and Microsan® Optidose™ alcohol hand sanitizers have been approved by Health Canada under the requirements. This means they are effective against all enveloped viruses and some (norovirus and rotavirus) but not all non-enveloped viruses and fungi and they kill 99.9% of bacteria.


Microsan® hand sanitizers are a great option for healthcare settings as they are fragrance and dye-free, skin hypoallergenic as well as latex- and nitrile-glove compatible. The sanitizers also contain skin moisturizer to help prevent drying, leaving skin feeling smooth after use. The hand sanitizers are available in a 1L cartridge, a 1L TouchFREE cartridge, a 400mL pump bottle and a 50 mL pump bottle to meet the hand hygiene requirements of any healthcare facility.


Learn more about SC Johnson Professional’s Microsan Encore®.

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