Foam Technology

In 1999 Deb launched the world’s first generic foaming soap system and most wall-mounted commercial foam soap dispensers sold in the world today utilise Deb Dispensing Technology.

Following on from foaming soap, in 2003 we invented the world's first non-aerosol alcohol foam hand sanitiser.

Many Deb products incorporate our pioneering ‘Deb Foam Technology®’, providing a different skin care experience and surpassing traditional skin care products by providing the following benefits:

  • Greater convenience — products are quicker and easier to use
  • Increased efficiency — delivering improved efficacy and lower usage costs
  • Preferred by users — quick and pleasant to use
  • Reduced environmental impact — less packaging waste and water consumption
  • Water Saving — Independent research, commissioned by Deb Group, shows that organisations could use up to 45% less water by switching from lotion soap to Deb’s foam soap.



Deb launched the world's first generic foaming soap and hand sanitiser systems.