Swarfega® Black Box®

Specialist Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes

Tough, extra large wipes for use without water. Impregnated with
powerful, solvent based cleaning agents to remove specialist adherent contaminants.

Where to use: For use in industrial environments to remove oil, grease and heavy soilings.

Available options:


Swarfega® Black Box®

  • Impregnated with a highly effective liquid solvent system - combines dibasic esters with ethanol for a highly effective cleansing blend to quickly and safely remove a wide range of adherent contaminants, such as printers inks, synthetic, 2-pack and cellulose paints, base coats and lacquers, body fillers, adhesives and sealants plus most other print and paint shop contaminants
  • Skin friendly - proven to be mild to the skin and has excellent cleansing properties, even with super heavy contamination
  • Tough, extra large wipes - strong and absorbent, acting quickly and effectively leaving no sticky after-feel
  • Contain Glycerin - skin moisturisers to help prevent drying, leaving the skin feeling smooth after use
  • Citrus fragrance - makes the product pleasant to use and leaves the skin smelling fresh


Recommended for sectors

  • Professional Trades & DIY
  • Automotive


  • Skin Care


  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner
  • Workplace Hand Cleanser

Product format

  • Wipes
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