Tips to Implementing a Convenient Sunscreen Program in Your Facility

By SC Johnson Professional

With summer right around the corner, sunscreen is top of mind for many people who work or plan to spend more time outdoors. Along with other forms of PPE, consider making sunscreen available to employees and facility guests to keep sun protection top of mind. Having sunscreen readily available will offer the opportunity for all to practice proper sun protection.

Location, Location, Location!

To implement a successful sun protection program, it’s important to consider the location of the sunscreen for optimal visibility. To conveniently provide sunscreen to employees and guests, consider utilizing a sunscreen dispenser and cartridge system. SC Johnson Professional’s Stokoderm® Sunscreen PURE dispensers and product cartridges help facilities provide a hassle-free sunscreen program. The dispensers are convenient, simple to use and dispense the proper amount of sunscreen to help reduce waste. The dispensers can be affixed in virtually any indoor or outdoor space, or even on service vehicles for mobile employees. The dispensers are filled with air-tight product cartridges that collapse during use to ensure maximum product usage. The mess-free cartridges are also designed to be replaced in seconds to ensure stress-free inventory management and the peace of mind that product is always available.

Select an Effective, Professional-Grade Sunscreen

When choosing the right sunscreen for your employees and facility guests, it’s important to provide the right sun protection. SC Johnson Professional’s Stokoderm® Sunscreen PURE helps protect exposed skin from UVA, UVB and UVC sunrays. The SPF 30 broad spectrum formula is water-resistant, non-greasy, and contains vitamin E to help soothe the skin and encourage regular use. Stokoderm® Sunscreen PURE is dermatologist tested and perfume and dye-free.

Prioritizing a sunscreen program for building occupants and guests provides on-demand sun protection for both employees and guests, while keeping sun protection top of mind.  Utilizing a dispensing system will make sunscreen easily accessible and provide the opportunity for individuals to protect their skin anytime, anywhere.

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