First Alcohol Hand Sanitizer approved by Health Canada to make virucidal claims under the Human-Use Antiseptic Drug requirements.

  • Kills Bacteria
  • Effective against all enveloped viruses and some (norovirus and rotavirus) but not all non-enveloped viruses
  • Effective against fungi
  • Fragrance and dye free, designed for people who are sensitive to fragrances and dyes and who prefer products which do not have these added
  • Skin hypoallergenic - dermatologist tested to verify and confirm this product has very low allergenic potential
  • Glove compatible - suitable for use with latex and nitrile gloves



InstantFoam Virus + Ecologo

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InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Product Range



†Influenza tested as one of several enveloped viruses.

*This product is certified to meet ECOLOGO UL 2845 Standard based on criteria for product formulation and manufacturing, and human health & environment toxicity.