Learn more about these current SC Johnson Professional® Canada campaigns. 

  • InstantFoam Virus + Ecologo

    InstantFOAM Hand Sanitizer Effective Against Inluenza* Viruses as well as Norovirus and Rotavirus

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  • ProLine WAVE landing page Teaser.png

    Proline WAVE Dispenser

    The Proline WAVE 1 Litre washroom soap dispenser is made with 70% recovered coastal plastic, sourced from a global partnership between SC Johnson and conservation organization Plastic Bank™.
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  • Targeted Hygiene Logo

    Targeted Hygiene

    Learn more about SC Johnson Professional's Targeted Hygiene Program here.
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  • Happy Hands Page

    Happy Hands Dispenser Design Contest

    The Happy Hands Contest was developed as an opportunity to educate your students on the importance of hand washing while also allowing them to create an original design for an SC Johnson Professional hand soap dispenser.
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