The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the risk of infectious diseases and the need for a practical, targeted approach to hygiene; one that can work in combination with social distancing and facial coverings to break the chain of infection. There is a misconception that commonly touched surfaces are the points of highest risk. However, it is the behavior of people touching those surfaces without practicing hand hygiene that is the real issue. To prevent frequent re-contamination, we need to combine cleaning & disinfecting those surfaces with effective hand hygiene at the high-risk moments when hands can become contaminated.




Targeted Hygiene Door

Touching common surfaces.

Targeted Hygiene Sneeze

After coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose.

Targeted Hygiene Desk

Returning to and leaving your workspace.

Targeted Hygiene Meal

Getting food prepared.

Targeted Hygiene Meal

Eating food.

Targeted Hygiene Toilet Usage

Touchpoints in the restroom.

Targeted Hygiene Entrance

Entering and exiting the building.

Targeted Hygiene Trash

Disposing of waste



The SC Johnson ProfessionalTM Targeted Hygiene Program incorporates Essential Products and Impactful Education materials that enable managers to implement effective hygiene measures in their facility to target the 8 Moments of high risk and help reduce the spread of infection from person to person or through surface contact.

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ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS for Targeted Hygiene

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A dedicated range of hand hygiene and surface cleaning & disinfection products that when used in combination with each other and as part of a program can help effectively break the chain of infection.

IMPACTFUL EDUCATION to encourage positive behaviour

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Providing impactful education, with clear information for all facility users, is an essential part of raising awareness and creating the right environment for positive hygiene behaviour to help break the chain
of infection.