Introducing the NEW SCJ Professional® Proline WAVE Dispenser

The SC Johnson Professional® Proline WAVE 1 litre washroom soap dispenser is made with 70% recovered coastal plastic, sourced from a global partnership between SC Johnson and conservation organisation Plastic Bank™.

Recovered coastal plastic is post-consumer recycled plastic
collected on land within 31 miles / 50 km of an ocean so that it
does not reach oceans or landfills, in countries with high volumes of uncollected plastic waste.

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Proline WAVE Dispenser

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The SCJ Professional® Proline WAVE 1 Litre soap dispenser has many benefits to make it a great choice for facilities that care about sustainability and want a reliable solution for their busy washrooms.

Each dispenser is the equivalent of 16 x 500 mL recovered coastal plastic waste plastic bottles.

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For exclusive use with the SCJ Professional® full range of foam soaps, supplied in ultrasonically sealed airless cartridges which ensure a fresh dose every time.


Eight million metric tonnes of plastic reach the world’s oceans every year, equating to a garbage truck full of plastic being dumped into the ocean every minute1. This is an issue around the world and SC Johnson Professional’s new soap dispenser is a further opportunity to reuse plastic waste that otherwise was bound for the ocean or landfills.

Plastic Bank™ is a social enterprise that empowers collection communities in vulnerable coastal areas in Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil to stop plastic waste before it reaches oceans or landfills, whilst improving the lives of those that collect it.

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The SC Johnson partnership with Plastic Bank™ supports opportunities for over
20,000 people in vulnerable coastal areas.

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Finding new life for Recovered Coastal Plastic waste

This is something SC Johnson is working hard to help encourage.
In 2018, SC Johnson started partnering with Plastic Bank™ to build recycling ecosystems while promoting the use of recycled recovered coastal plastic in the packaging for some of its products.

To date, the partnership has enabled the creation of over 379 plastic collection centres, across, Indonesia, Philippines and Brazil, stopped more than 20 million kilograms of plastic - the equivalent of 1 billion plastic bottles - from reaching the oceans or landfills and has provided more than 20,000 collection community members with additional economic opportunities.

This empowers communities in vulnerable coastal areas to stop plastic waste before it enters oceans or landfills, whilst improving the lives of those who collect it by offering in exchange numerous social benefits. The collected plastic is then recycled, creating a circular economy that benefits all.

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“We are now excited to be bringing this truly innovative approach to professional markets with our SCJ Professional® Proline WAVE soap dispenser. By leading the way with this new dispenser, we are allowing our customers to act immediately on a topic they and their people care about.”

Katja von Raven,
SC Johnson Professional CEO

Use Less, Get More

The SCJ Professional® Proline WAVE 1 Litre dispenser can be used with the full range of SC Johnson Professional® foam soaps, which compared with traditional lotion soaps provide people with an effective, pleasant hand wash using up to 45% less water and 30% less productwhen washing and rinsing.

That’s more hand washes for the same product size.

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2. SC Johnson Professional sponsored study: Media4Change Ltd. How a Single Change in a Washroom can significantly reduce water consumption and associated costs, 2011.

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