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SC Johnson Professional’s goal is to deliver innovative products that create efficiencies that benefit cleaning professionals, leading to increased productivity and reduced training requirements.

Proline WAVE™
SCJ Professional Proline Wave Dispenser

ISSA Show Innovation Award Submission: 

Proline WAVE™ 1 Liter Manual Dispenser

The Proline WAVE™ 1 liter washroom soap dispenser is made with 70% recovered coastal plastic, sourced from a global partnership between SC Johnson and Plastic Bank®.  Recovered coastal plastic is post-consumer recycled plastic collected on land within 31 miles / 50 km of an ocean so that it does not reach oceans or landfills, in countries with high volumes of uncollected plastic waste. Each dispenser uses the equivalent of 16 x 16.9 fl. oz. recovered coastal plastic waste plastic bottles*.

The Proline WAVE™ 1 liter soap dispenser has many benefits to make it a great choice for facilities that care about sustainability and want a reliable solution for their busy washrooms. For exclusive use with our full range of foam soaps, supplied in ultrasonically sealed airless cartridges which ensure a fresh dose every time.

*Calculation includes bottle bodies only

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TruShot 2.0®

What Could Your Team Do With More Time?

The TruShot 2.0® Mobile Dilution Dispensing System, by SC Johnson Professional, keeps your cleaning chemistries as mobile as you are! Refill the system at any water source and deliver optimized dilutions at the pull of the trigger. 

Seamlessly swap chemistry cartridges for a variety of cleaning applications. TruShot 2.0® can save each cleaner up to 50 hours per year in travel and refill time versus wall-mounted and ready-to-dilute systems (sponsored ISSA time study, May 2023). Make the most of your team’s time and learn more about this innovative system!

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TruShot 2.0 Can Save your team up to 50 hours per year. What could your team do with more time?
EZ Care

EZ Care Floor Care System. Goodbye to Conventional Stripping

Say Goodbye to Conventional Stripping

Save time & labor costs when using an auto scrubber vs. conventional stripping by using the EZ Care Floor Care System by SC Johnson Professional.

EZ Care is an integrated floor care system that allows you to achieve a durable, high-gloss finish and eliminates the manual procedure of conventional stripping. SC Johnson Professional introduces a patent-pending polymer-blend floor coating that can be easily removed using the EZ Care Floor Coating Remover in an auto scrubber. Once the system is installed, you never need to use conventional stripping chemicals to achieve a high-gloss shine.

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