SC Johnson Professional® offers a complete lineup of cleaning and skin care products that help school custodians do more with less. Innovations like our simple three-product floor care system that seamlessly integrates into existing workflows help your floors withstand the impacts that schools deliver – from heavy foot traffic to sliding chairs, tables and desks. Additionally, innovations like our soaps that are designed to elevate the handwashing experience, and hand sanitizers to help encourage a culture of good hand hygiene, which is important as proper hand hygiene plays a role in reducing the spread of germs.

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SC Johnson Professional's Happy Hands contest promotes the importance of hand washing at school by encouraging K-12 students to use their creative skills and imagination to design a custom soap/sanitizer dispenser.

Submissions are evaluated for visual appeal, overall hand hygiene design, creativity and unique design element. Winners are announced every April.

Learn more about our contest here!

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