TruFill® Dispensing System


Trufill HD Neutral Floor Cleaner With Dispenser Head

Take dilution control off the wall with the TruFill® Dispensing System.

TruFill® offers easy-to-use, quick-change cartridges that automatically blend concentrate with water to provide worry-free dilution. The rugged design easily attaches to buckets and auto scrubbers for simplified dilution mixing into these high-volume vessels. The TruFill® hose attaches easily to the dispenser with a quick-connect adapter, and the twist-lock design securely attaches the dispenser head to the no-spill 2-liter concentrate cartridge, creating a system that delivers up diluted solution.  Using our high-quality SC Johnson Professional® floor care chemistries, this system simplifies dilution dispensing and replaces wall-mounted or other concentrate dispensing systems.



-The pre-labeled cartridges help you comply with OSHA requirements

-TruFill® Hose Hook-Up Kit makes installation easy

-Re-usable head design reduces waste

-No mixing required.



Features internal check valve


Accommodates buckets and auto scrubbers


Prevents exposure to chemistry


No moving parts to break or repair

  • TRUFILL HD Neutral Floor Cleaner-angled

    TruFill® Heavy Duty Neutral Floor Cleaner Plus Dispenser

    Concentrated floor cleaner in a portable, no-spill, 2 L. cartridge. Our integrated metering system in each cartridge provides worry-free dilution delivery. Delivers up to 271 in-use gallons. Each case also includes 2 TruFill™ dispenser heads.
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  • TruFill Hos Hook-Up Kit (Standard)-684503

    TruFill® Hose Hook-Up Kit (Standard)

    Make dilution delivery easy with the TruFill™ Dispensing System easy with the TruFill™ hose.
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  • TruFill Hose Hook-Up Kit with ON?OFF Valve & Pressure Bleeder-684498

    TruFill® Hose Hooke-Up Kit With ON/OFF Valve & Pressure Bleeder

    Make dilution delivery easy with the TruFill® Dispensing System easy with the TruFill® hose. Hose Hook-up kit includes a convenient on/off valve at the dispensing end while a pressure bleeder maintains the integrity of any vacuum breaker you have installed at the water source (vacuum breaker provides backflow protection for the water system).
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