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SC Johnson Professional knows the importance of keeping your facilities stocked with necessary cleaning and hygiene products. From floor & surface care to skin care, SC Johnson Professional has ample inventory ready to ship immediately. Available through wholesale or direct distributor programs, businesses can easily access necessary products that help provide clean and sanitized environments, and promote personal hygiene for their customers, employees and other building visitors.

Surface Care: TruShot 2.0 Mobile Dispensing System automatically dilutes, mixes and delivers effective chemistries while reducing prep time with portable no-spill cartridges. It features non-disinfectant formulas such as TruShot® 2.0 Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner and TruShot 2.0 Power Cleaner & Degreaser. It also features disinfectant formulas such as TruShot® 2.0 Multi-Surface & Restroom Disinfectant Cleaner and TruShot® 2.0 Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner.

Floor Care: SC Johnson Professional® Multi-surface floor care is the simplest and most efficient conventional floor care system its ever designed. The system consists of one stripper, one finish and one cleaner. It’s been engineered to help simplify and enhance the user experience. Check out our new revolutionary floor care system EZ Care – the system that allows you to achieve a durable, high-gloss finish and eliminates the manual procedure of conventional stripping. 

Hand Care: SC Johnson Professional has a wide range of skincare products in stock including Refresh™ Foam Soap, InstantFOAM®™ Non-Alcohol PURE sanitizer and InstantFOAM™ CompletePURE hand sanitizer. To accompany our wide range of skincare products, SC Johnson Professional offer dispensers both manual and touch-free, and dispenser stands for both floors and counters.

Check your inventories of these important product categories to be certain your facility remains stocked as you return to full occupancy levels.

For more information on products, visit www.scjp.com.

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