The Benefits of Cleaning Maintenance Management Applications

By SC Johnson Professional

Custodial maintenance management can be a tedious part of facility maintenance. Rising expectations of cleanliness in facilities presents a driving need for clean. Building Service Contactors (BSCs) must keep track of cleaning and estimating processes to increase quality assurance. With the heightened cleanliness expectations from employees and customers, it’s nearly impossible to collect and report on institutional cleanliness with the “old school” way of using pen and paper.


New Innovations for BSCs

Luckily, technological advances are making countless processes more efficient, from customer experience all the way to how BSCs approach cleaning. To enhance productivity and monitor quality assurance for cleaning, inventory management, work loading requirements, and tracking capital equipment, SC Johnson Professional developed fasiliscan™. It’s a software solution designed and built for custodial maintenance management that eases the facility cleaning and estimating process through an auditing application. This tailored application helps businesses add value to their customer relationships via powerful features and functionality.  


Faciliscan™ Explained

Ultimately, fasiliscan™ is intended to ease facility auditing in a streamlined 3-step process. The sections below outline how two parts of the application – the Robust Auditing Tool and the Easy-to-Use Admin Site – enable BSCs to spend less time on tracking procedures and more time ensuring cleaning tasks are thoroughly completed. The Powerful Estimating Tool, a valuable part of the fasiliscan™ application, will be available soon.

  • The Robust Auditing Tool

The auditing tool allows managers to facilitate customized audits of facility cleanings. Auditing the cleaning process helps ensure clear communication between managers, clients and their employees. BSCs can set parameters, scoring preference and add unique areas and zones within an audit. While

faciliscan robust audit tool benefits image

completing an audit, there is the option to provide detailed assessments that allow users to capture images and write comments for items and areas. The tool is useful for identifying a corrective action and a product solution to address poorly rated items or areas, thus helping to improve customer service. In addition, the tool provides BSCs the opportunity to input measurement specifications to calculate time estimates. Overall, the audit tool enables managers to keep track of audit reviews and regularly measure KPIs to enhance performance.

  • Easy-to-Use Admin Site

Given the abundance of data that is collected, faciliscan™ also provides an easy-to-use admin site to gain insights and do reporting. The secure portal empowers customization to better meet auditing,

faciliscan easy to use admin site benefits image

tracking, and reporting needs, and provides helpful insights to BSCs to improve cleaning performance. The data collected provides analytics to benchmark performance and identify trends via branded reports that can be shared with key stakeholders. It also includes custom tagging options and segmentation labels to organize valuable information. As a result, users can better manage company-level and customer-level auditing preferences.


Start Easing the Process

As the cleaning industry continues to adjust to the heightened expectations of cleanliness, it’s critical that BSCs accurately track and report on cleaning protocols so they can continue to improve these processes. Utilizing key technologies in the facility cleaning process can help support your commitment to quality assurance during periodic site evaluations.


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