Clean Hands are Happy Hands: SC Johnson Professional Celebrates 2021 Happy Hands Winners

By SC Johnson Professional

Hand hygiene has been top of mind for people of all ages throughout the pandemic as an integral part of preventing the spread of germs. That includes students in grades K-12. This year, SC Johnson Professional crowned Stella F., a fourth-grader at Floranada Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., the winner in the elementary/middle school (K-5) category, and Wilfred O., a sixth-grader at Gifford School in Racine, Wisc., the winner in the high school (6-12) category.

Show Some Love with Clean Hands: Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Stella F.

Happy hands Winner 1

In collaboration with Broward County Schools, SC Johnson Professional held a winner’s ceremony for Stella F. in the cafeteria of Floranada Elementary School. Joined by

Principal Luke Balchaitis, Board Members Sarah Leonardi and Deborah Hixon, her fourth-grade class and Stella’s family, SC Johnson Professional presented Stella with a $300 gift card in addition to a $1,000 check for the school and samples of soap and sanitizer dispensers with her winning design.

Happy Hands Dispenser Winners

Stella’s mother, an art teacher at Floranada, discovered the Happy Hands Contest and shared it with her daughter and other students. Through her design, which features soap bubbles and two hands in the shape of a heart, she bridged her love for the arts and the importance of handwashing. Faculty, staff and students at Floranada could not be prouder of Stella and anxiously anticipate the installation of their new dispensers.

Get Better Soon, World: Racine, Wisconsin – Wilfred O.

Happy Hands Dispenser

Wilfred O’s celebration was extra special and exciting for him. It was his first year at Gifford School and, due to COVID-19, he’s been remote learning throughout the school

year. The celebration, held on May 11 in Gifford School’s auditorium, was when Wilfred met his classmates for the first time. SC Johnson Professional, joined by Principal Bret Olson, Wilfred’s sixth-grade class and family, also presented Wilfred with a $300 gift card in addition to a $1,000 check for the school and samples of soap and sanitizer dispensers with his winning design.

Hapyp Hands winner 2

When the pandemic hit, Wilfred started focusing more on art since he had more free time. What started with stick figures progressed into two pieces of artwork being displayed at the Wustum Museum in Racine, WI and winning the grand prize of SC Johnson Professional’s Happy Hands Contest!

After over a month of drafting, Wilfred’s design featured a “sick Earth” drawing with flying germs, which was inspired by the worldwide pandemic. Wilfred was the youngest finalist in the high school (6-12) category by several years.

See You Next Year!

The artwork received continues to blow us away at SC Johnson Professional. With such a stressful year, now more than ever, it’s critical to stress the importance of hand hygiene in a fun and creative way. Thank you to all who participated this year and while this year’s contest is closed, stay tuned for an announcement for the 2021/2022 Happy Hands Contest. We can’t wait to see the students’ designs!

For more information on Happy Hands, or learn how to register for next year’s contest, visit

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