Three Ways SC Johnson Professional is Tackling Infection Prevention Insights from APIC 2022

By SC Johnson Professional Healthcare

This year’s Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) 2022 was a successful, engaging event that brought together thousands of professionals who share the same vision to help advance a safer world through infection prevention (IP). Infection prevention and control (IPC) remains in the spotlight as the healthcare industry continues to navigate additional safety measures and accountability to effectively co-exist with COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Below are three insights gained from this year’s conference, along with how SC Johnson Professional’s healthcare portfolio addresses these issues to help the healthcare professional protect the patient, the caregiver and the healthcare environment.

1. Hand hygiene remains in focus.

Hand hygiene compliance continues to be a focus point for many healthcare providers since it is a simple, yet effective way to reduce the spread of most germs that cause serious healthcare acquired infections (HAIs)[1]. Healthcare providers are looking for efficient solutions to increase compliance and accountability among staff.

SC Johnson Professional offers an array of hand hygiene skin care products formulated specifically to meet the needs of healthcare workers, patients and visitors. To complement its product portfolio and help improve compliance, SC Johnson Professional also offers SwipeSense™, a technology platform that offers electronic hand hygiene monitoring. It provides hand hygiene transparency data by department, unit or individual. The system is designed to help promote lasting behavior change and increase hand hygiene by holding individuals accountable for compliance. Accessible, trusted hand hygiene products paired with efficient monitoring technology can dramatically help healthcare leaders reach their hand hygiene safety and compliance goals.

2. Modern microbial reduction solutions are on the rise.

Efficacy was a common theme during the conference, which placed heavy attention on technology solutions. Notably, there was a large focus on modern microbial reduction solutions including ultraviolet-C systems (UV-C), which is commonly referred to as germicidal ultraviolet technology. UV-C is a known disinfectant that has been effectively used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria and pathogens[2]. In addition, an innovative DHP™ solution was a hot topic as it uses dry hydrogen peroxide rather than traditional filters or foggers that are common in the marketplace.  The novel technology offers the healthcare industry an effective alternative to other air and surface technologies.

SC Johnson Professional has strategic sales relationships with R-Zero for UV-C disinfection and Synexis for its DHP™ technology to offer infection preventionists additional resources to help achieve healthcare safety goals. UV-C and DHP™ solutions can help provide superior microbial disinfection for healthcare areas that require different needs such as terminal clean or always-on disinfection.

3. Comprehensive solution providers for healthcare safety are rare.

Many APIC 2022 exhibitors focus solely on one area of infection control, such as hand hygiene. SC Johnson Professional was a unique exhibitor because of its combined offering of both skincare products and technology. Its wide range of products and monitoring technologies can aid in infection control initiatives including hand hygiene compliance, asset tracking, nursing insights, contact tracing and surface technology under one umbrella. The collective offering can help infection preventionists gain visibility to help achieve safety goals more efficiently.

IPC has always been, and continues to remain, critical to providing safe healthcare environments. Gathering in-person once again at APIC 2022 was both insightful and informative as we all unite in our effort to help provide safer healthcare environments.  

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