Best Practices for Cleaning Stadiums and Arenas

Stadiums and arenas are more than just venues for sports and entertainment. They are communal spaces where thousands of people gather to share unforgettable moments. With large crowds, however, comes a heightened need for cleanliness and hygiene.

To keep fans and event attendees returning, maintaining a clean environment is critical. Pairing the right products with the right training and protocols is essential to maintaining clean and sanitary stadiums, arenas, and other large venues. Read on for strategies that can help you provide the best experience for all of your guests.

Develop a Comprehensive Cleaning Plan

A well-thought-out cleaning plan is the foundation of any cleaning program. It should include a detailed schedule for pre-event, during-event, and post-event cleaning routines. A critical element to address within the plan is cleaning frequency. Determine how often different areas and surfaces within a venue need to be cleaned, and the specific cleaning products that should be used in each area. Consider factors such as foot traffic, the nature of the activities in each space and the unique cleaning requirements for various areas of the venue.

Consider establishing cleaning zones to streamline the cleaning process and cover the entire expanse of the venue. Determine the appropriate number of staff required to cover each zone, and assign crews to specific zones, ensuring that each team focuses on its designated area. This approach will help improve efficiency and allow for straightforward management of crews.

Additionally, develop a process for managing inventory. Create a list of cleaning supplies and equipment needed for each task and zone of the stadium or arena. Establish an inventory management system that ensures that an adequate supply of cleaning products is available to meet the cleaning requirements of the stadium’s event schedule. A proactive approach ensures that cleaning personnel are well-prepared and equipped to manage different cleaning tasks effectively.

Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

High-touch surface cleaning is a critical aspect of maintaining a clean and sanitary event space. Prioritize high-touch surfaces, such as handrails, doorknobs, concession countertops and elevator buttons for frequent cleaning and disinfection. Implement a system for regular monitoring and inspections to ensure that high-touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected according to the schedule and set standards. This may involve using checklists or conducting random spot checks. A well-executed high-touch surface cleaning strategy can help ensure a clean and sanitary environment for fans and guests.

Train Cleaning Staff and Enhance Restroom Sanitation

Cleaning staff should undergo rigorous training on the latest cleaning protocols and safety measures and be able to confidently manage your venue’s cleaning tools. Regular training sessions and workshops can help stadiums and other large venues maintain a high standard of cleanliness contributing to a positive experience for event attendees.

Stadium restrooms demand special attention. Given their high usage, ensure bathrooms are well stocked and spot-cleaned regularly during events. Consider installing touchless fixtures, such as automatic flush toilets, soap dispensers and faucets to minimize contact points.

Regular inspections should also be conducted to assess the effectiveness of cleaning practices. Use checklists and guidelines to evaluate cleanliness levels and make adjustments to the cleaning plan and training as needed. Encourage feedback from both cleaning staff and visitors to identify areas for improvement.

Use the Right Equipment and Products

Cleaning large venues requires specialized equipment and products to cover vast areas efficiently and effectively. Industrial-grade vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and pressure washers are essential tools for stadium and arena cleaning. Considering the immense foot traffic during games and events, implementing a trustworthy floor care system, like SC Johnson Professional’s EZ Care System, can make floor care easier. The system simplifies floor maintenance by eliminating the need for a scrub and recoat step in the floor care process – simply install, maintain and remove.

For surface cleaning, consider incorporating efficient cleaning products like SC Johnson Professional's TruShot 2.0® Mobile Dispensing System. This user-friendly system utilizes 1 trigger for 5 different chemistries, and the on-board water reservoir can be filled at any water source reducing the need for resupply trips to the supply closet. The innovative system delivers effective chemistries at optimized dilution rates at the pull of the trigger, allowing for efficient and effective cleaning of large venues.

Stadium Cleaning: Creating a Welcoming Environment

Cleaning stadiums, arenas and other large venues are complex tasks but essential to creating a welcoming environment for event attendees. By developing a comprehensive cleaning plan, training staff, focusing on high-touch surfaces, and investing in proper equipment, venue operators can ensure that their facilities are clean and enjoyable for all.

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