SC Johnson Professional Launches Proline WAVE™ Dispenser Made From Recovered Coastal Plastic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – March 30, 2023 – SC Johnson Professional, a total solutions provider for industrial, institutional and healthcare users, recently launched the Proline WAVE™ dispenser. It is a 1-liter manual soap dispenser, made with 70% recovered coastal plastic.

Recovered coastal plastic is post-consumer recycled plastic collected on land within 31 miles of an ocean. This is to help ensure the plastic waste does not reach oceans or landfills, in parts of the world with high volumes of uncollected plastic waste. SC Johnson Professional works in collaboration with PlasticBank® to empower communities in vulnerable coastal areas to stop plastic waste before it enters the ocean or landfill.

SCJ Professional’s Proline WAVE™ dispenser has several benefits that makes it a great choice for facility managers who care about sustainability. The dispenser does not require batteries and is made using an equivalent of sixteen 16.9 fl. oz. recovered coastal plastic water bottles.

The dispenser uses the full line of SCJ Professional’s Refresh™ foam soaps. Refresh™ foam soaps use 30% less product and save up to 45% less water1 when washing and rinsing compared with traditional lotion soaps.

To learn more about the Proline WAVETM dispenser, visit here and to learn more about Refresh™ foam soaps, visit here.

About SC Johnson Professional   

SC Johnson Professional® is a part of SC Johnson®, a global, purpose-led company and industry-leading manufacturer of household consumer brands such as Windex®, Mr Muscle® and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®.

Operating since the 1930s, SC Johnson Professional® provides expert skin care, cleaning and hygiene solutions for industrial, institutional and healthcare users. This incorporates our range of specialist occupational skin care products along with well-known SC Johnson® brands and innovative professional cleaning and hygiene products. 

The SC Johnson Professional® purpose is to bring innovative, quality products and services to professional markets with outstanding performance that respect the environment, create efficiencies, reduce inventories, simplify training and provide a positive user experience. This is built on a deep understanding of customer needs and a vision for ‘rethinking the professional experience’ with the user in mind. 


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1 Independent tests show that washing hands with foam soap rather than lotion soap can reduce average water consumption by as much as 45% when using a modified hand wash approach of dispensing soap on dry hands and turning the tap on only when rinsing off (SC Johnson Professional Sponsored Study: Media4Change Ltd. How a Single Change in a Washroom can significantly reduce water consumption and associated costs, 2011).


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