Healthcare TouchFREE Ultra Dispensers

Automatic Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser

For Hospital and Professional use only


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Healthcare TouchFREE Ultra Dispensers

The TouchFREE Ultra Dispensers are efficient dispensers designed to help improve hand hygiene in healthcare settings. Simply hold your hand underneath the TouchFREE Ultra Dispenser for a designated amount of foaming hand hygiene products.

  • Compact design, power efficient touch-free dispensing for use with SC Johnson Professional foaming hand hygiene products.
  • Long lasting battery life – 4 D cell batteries are proven to last up to 4 years within the healthcare setting
  • Customized options available


Code Size
155606 TouchFREE Ultra Sanitizer Dispenser 8/case
155909 TouchFREE Ultra Soap Dispenser 8/case





Recommended for sectors

  • Healthcare


  • Healthcare-Specialized


  • Healthcare Specialized Dispensers
  • Skin Care Dispenser

Product format

  • Cartridge
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