InstantFOAM™ Non-Alcohol

Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Kills 99.99% of many common germs in 30 seconds

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InstantFOAM™ Non-Alcohol

InstantFOAM™ Non-Alcohol is a highly effective, lightly perfumed foaming hand sanitizer solution.  It’s an ideal product for areas where flammable or alcohol-based products are a concern, but critical hand hygiene is required. The foam formula provides the user with control of the product, allows for more hand hygiene moments than liquid products and contains skin conditioner to help prevent dryness.

Where to use: Ideal for situations where critical hand hygiene is required, but alcohol-based/flammable products are a concern, such as: schools, prisons, health institutions and government facilities. 

  • Non-alcohol Based-For use in areas where alcohol is considered a risk or is not preferred. 
  • Contains Benzalkonium Chloride-Product delivers antimicrobial efficacy with reductions of 99.99% of organisms tested.
  • Contains Aloe Vera-Helps prevent drying and leaves the skin feeling smooth after use.
  • Does Not Contain Gelling Agents -Unlike alcohol gel sanitizers, the product does not contain gelling agents that leave the hands feeling sticky, particularly after multiple uses.
  • Pleasant To Use-The freshly fragranced, rich foam is very pleasant for frequent use in-between hand washing, encouraging maximum compliance.
  • Mild Preservative-Specially formulated with one of the mildest preservatives to reduce the risk of skin irritation from using this product.




Recommended for sectors

  • Building Service Contractors
  • Office & Commercial Facilities
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Hospitality
  • Education


  • Skin Care


  • Hand Sanitizer

Suitable for

  • Skin

Product format

  • Cartridge
  • Foam
  • Pump Bottle
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