Kresto® Cherry WIPES

Super-Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes

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Kresto® Cherry WIPES

Tough, dual-sided extra large 10x12in wipes with cherry fragrance for use without water. Powerful, solvent-based cleaning ingredients remove a broad spectrum of contaminants.

Where to use: For use at the work station and for mobile workers to remove oil, grease, paints, sealants, resins and general grime.

  • Tough, extra large special wipe made from polypropylene with a slightly roughened surface - the strong fabric is loaded with powerful, heavy duty cleaning ingredients to produce a wet wipe that efficiently and conveniently removes oil, grease, paints, sealants, resins and grime
  • Contains No VOC-Regulated Ingredients - no use limitation throughout all 50 States
  • ​​​​​​No Need For Water - wipes absorb contaminants from the skin with no need for rinsing with water
  • Pleasant Cherry Fragrance - fights tough odors to leave hands smelling fresh and clean
  • Low Odor - pleasant to use with high level user acceptance
  • Silicone-Free - the product will have no adverse effect if in contact with surfaces prior to the application of paint or surface coatings
  • Contains Skin Conditioner - to help prevent drying, leaving the skin feeling smooth after use
  • Handy Pack - the wipes are dispensed from a handy, easy-to-use container


Recommended for sectors

  • Industrial
  • Automotive


  • Skin Care


  • Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

Suitable for

  • Skin

Product format

  • Wipes
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