As the healthcare safety environment evolves, technology-driven monitoring needs in healthcare have become increasingly important.
To better meet these needs, SC Johnson Professional Healthcare welcomed SwipeSense™ to the portfolio in 2020. The SwipeSense safety technology platform offers a variety of monitoring products designed to automate and build safety protocols for healthcare customers, including:

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Hand Hygiene Monitoring

Consistent hand hygiene is the most important action caregivers take in the battle against hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and infectious disease spread. Capture reliable, real-time behavior insights with electronic compliance monitoring.

Provides employees with performance metrics that help them meaningfully impact their compliance

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Asset Tracking

Lost, stolen, and underutilized equipment is one of the largest uncategorized expenses in hospitals. Automated asset tracking is a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency and eliminate waste.

Frees employees to care for patients instead of wasting time locating assets1



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Nursing Insights

Long absences between nurse visits to patient rooms can increase the risk of falls and other preventable harm. Capture actionable, real-time data on time-based activities, to help teams sustain and measure nurse rounding.

Ensure patients are visited on a consistent basis to help eliminate long absences and prevent harm

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Contact Tracing

In the event of an infectious disease outbreak, hospitals rely on manual contact tracing methods that take hundreds of hours and are often deemed unreliable. The SwipeSense Contact Tracing product automatically captures all employee-to-patient, and employee-to-employee contacts.

Accelerate exposure-response time allowing for immediate isolation and monitoring



Consult with our healthcare safety solutions managers to learn how automation technology can improve efficiency & efficacy for some of the most critical & time-consuming patient safety reporting tasks.

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