Tips to Simplify Custodial Training and Create Efficiencies Amidst High Turnover Rates

By SC Johnson Professional

While there are thankfully signs of labor market improvement, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are still 1.8 open jobs per available worker[1]. However, even prior to the labor shortage, the cleaning industry has been known for having high turnover - a challenge for many employers. Training cleaning personnel requires time, energy and money. Furthermore, if an employee quits shortly after completing the process, it can be costly.

Training is a non-negotiable component of the cleaning onboarding process because it ensures employees understand how to protect themselves from occupational hazards and perform tasks correctly. While training is vital, there are ways to simplify the process and make cleaning tasks more efficient without skimping. One area to evaluate is the products you’re using. Below are product tips to consider simplifying training and create efficiencies that help save time and money, while achieving exceptional cleaning results. Doing so can help your operation continue to run smoothly should staffing issues occur.

Implement An Automatic Dispensing System

An automatic dispensing system accurately delivers chemicals at the proper dilution rate, at the time of use. They require minimal training and lessen the burden for employees because they eliminate the need to manually mix, measure, and pour. They also eliminate direct exposure to concentrated chemicals. Look for an easy-to-use, fully intuitive spray and wipe system that allows cleaners to be trained quickly, on-site in just minutes. This will help minimize any cleaning interruption and enable new hires to start cleaning quickly. Additionally, a mobile dispensing system that can be filled at any available water source will improve worker efficiency by eliminating trips back to a service closet. Finally, consider selecting a system that uses color-coded, easy-to-read cartridges. This will help ensure OSHA labeling compliance and make it simple for both new and seasoned employees to match cartridges with their cleaning task to complete their jobs with ease.

Simplify Floor Care Without Cutting Corners

Proper floor care can be labor intensive and time consuming. Find ways to make your floor care process more efficient, like by utilizing an integrated floor care system that works on multiple substrates where all parts of the system are designed to complement each other. An integrated system can help efficiently achieve a high gloss shine without the guesswork of selecting the right product for the job. Take into account a system that allows use of an auto scrubber in the stripping process, thereby eliminating the need to manually strip floors which is time and labor intensive. The use of an auto scrubber also reduces worker exposure to harsh stripping chemicals. A strong option is a system that is easy to install and maintain, this will help your employees to easily keep floors shining around the clock.

Optimize Available Training Materials

Beyond hands-on training, utilize additional training resources that employees can easily reference to reinforce protocol. Regardless of if products are easy to use, effective training is an on-going process and even the most seasoned employees may require refreshers. For example, think of placing signage and wall charts in supply closets that utilize images to depict the correct way to use products. Also, encourage employees to regularly reference the directions for use printed on product packaging. Lastly, take advantage of training materials available on manufacturer websites. Resources may include literature and videos that can be used to reinforce proper procedure and chemical usage learned during hands-on training. Utilizing a variety of training resources that may be available helps to ensure products are continuously being used correctly by all users.

Employee turnover is a reality that every employer faces. By selecting the right products and resources, employers can create efficiencies, simplify the training process and deliver exceptional results despite staffing challenges.

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