4 Ways to Yield Professional Floor Care Results

Floor care is a vital element of any business’s cleaning and maintenance program. A comprehensive routine is necessary to prolong floor life and prevent wear and tear – while also keeping floors looking clean, fresh and professional. However, it’s commonly regarded as a labor-intensive, tedious task that requires constant attention.

While there is no denying that facility floors are high maintenance, there are ways to simplify the care process without skimping on quality. Advanced technology and improved floor care products can help ease the burden of a facility’s floor care program. Below are 4 ways to help bypass common issues and streamline the maintenance process to yield efficient, professional results.

1. Narrow Your Chemistry Options

A substrate is the surface to which flooring materials are attached to. There are several types of substrates commonly used such as vinyl, composite, linoleum, concrete, rubber, stone, brick and slate. Many floor care products are designed to work for just one specific substrate. However, some products are compatible with many different surfaces, which can help take the guesswork out of which chemicals to use for different flooring in a facility. Consider narrowing down your chemistry options and switching to products compatible with many of these common floor types. This best practice can help save time and money associated with stocking and using multiple products for the same task, while also making your cleaning supply closet easier to navigate.

When upgrading products, conduct thorough research to select quality products that are both compatible and effective for your flooring types. Consider partnering with a provider that has technical expertise in floor care that can provide professional-grade products to meet your specific needs.

2. Scrub Out Blemishes

When you see stubborn heel marks, scuffs, scratches and other blemishes, you may not need to strip the floors. There are heavy duty scrub pads that work to clean and shine these imperfections away with ease. Scrub pads help support daily maintenance to buff out common pain points to help floors continue to look their best.

Consider the EZ CARE Heavy Duty Scrub Pad by SC Johnson Professional®. This dual-purpose pad cleans and shines in one step. One side easily adheres to equipment, while the other scrub side is used for more abrasive cleaning on coated surfaces. It is designed for everyday maintenance and can be used on a variety of substrates to help save money by not having to strip the floor as often.

3. Eliminate Conventional Stripping

Stripping floors is a common restorative floor care technique that completely removes floor finish. It is performed to create the foundation for a fresh coating, while also removing marks, scratches and debris build-up from the floor. It is widely known as a time-consuming, labor-intensive - but essential - method to prolong the life of flooring. However, there is technology that eliminates the difficult manual aspect of stripping floors to enable users to achieve freshly finished floors without the time-consuming physical labor.

The EZ CARE Floor Care System from SC Johnson Professional® is an integrated floor care system that allows users to achieve a durable, high-gloss finish, without having to manually strip floors. It includes a patent-pending polymer-blend floor coating that can be easily removed with an auto scrubber, which helps reduce labor costs and saves time compared to conventional stripping that requires manual stripping with a mop and bucket. Engineered to help simplify and enhance the user experience, maintenance professionals can refinish floors on a routine basis with ease. The system integrates into existing workflows and requires minimal training to help keep floors looking their best with minimal downtime.

4. Extend the Life of Your Floor Finish with Regular Maintenance

With heavy foot traffic in your facility, it is vital to utilize a proper floor maintenance program and extend the life of your floor finish with regular, yet simple maintenance. Consider the SC Johnson Professional® Heavy Duty Neutral pH Floor and Surface Cleaner. This patented, low-residue cleaning concentrate is specifically formulated for the daily maintenance of high-traffic floors. It is also ideal for deep scrub and recoat applications. The product is recommended to be used on floors in combination with the SC Johnson Professional® EZ Care Heavy Duty Scrub pad. It can effectively remove scuffs, scratches and black heel marks, helping to reduce the need to burnish while maintaining the floor's high gloss appearance.

Enjoy the Sparkling Results

Floors represent a significant investment that require routine maintenance tasks that can be physically demanding and time-consuming. By staying up to date with the latest products and technology, you can simplify the process to help make difficult tasks less strenuous, while still achieving the same sparkling results.

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